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about us

Well hello to you =) The name 'owl spirit wear' came about for my love of owls, to me they are unique, have a killer stare and are completely free spirited.  They are beautiful and free and be what they want to be.  I am hoping that you feel the same wearing the clothes that offered here. I believe we all should feel beautiful and free in whatever we choose to wear and there is no trend that is not on trend when you are being you.
I do hope you just the love the clothing that I have chosen mostly with a boho vibe, as the pieces are sourced from Australian sustainably and ethically proactive designers, who absolutely care about fair work rights for their employees and helping out the planet where they can, they are all round mint people.  I have deliberately tried to steer away from big companies that supply to large retail chains, but more help out my small business Australian buddies.  
Hope to see you soon and thanks so much for stopping by.
xoxo Fiona